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Monday, October 12, 2009

October 2009- 30 Paintings in 30 days

My Zimbio
Top Stories Rules to the 30 painting project:
10- paintings of my environment
10-self-portrait paintings
10-paintings of other people

All paintings of people are on 9" x 12" canvas paper.
  1. All paintings of environment are on 16" x 20" canvas paper.
  2. Each painting should only take 2-3hours to produce.

  3. They do not have to be completely finished but it would be nice to bring the painting to a stopping point.
The Paintings are in order by:

Self Portrait
Other People

In chronological order

I hoped that this exercise would help me rekindle my passion for art. I have been feeling uninspired and wondering why I would ever want to do any art. So far I find that painting is really relaxing and helps me zone out so that I stop thinking so much!

Park St.- Framed Print 8" x 10" $50.00



My Zimbio
Top Stories


  1. You are awesome! I'm impressed by all the painting you've been doing. Did you make it to your goal of 30?

  2. Not yet! I am still working on it though. As you can see, I have added 3 more pieces and I am going to Open Drawing Sessions to get more done! Yeah!!! This is so much Fun!

  3. This is awesome, these are full of life and are very dynamic! It's funny, I found myself in a similar situation a couple of months ago. I realized that after graduating from art school I hardly ever did any painting or drawing and it was just too sad of a thought. So I started going to life drawing sessions once or twice a week and now I can't stop! It's great to have a goal but I found that just doing it on a regular basis makes me want to return to it as soon as I can. The process of painting is just as good if not better then the result. But your results are impressive and very inspiring. Keep up the good work!