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Monday, July 1, 2013

2012-2013: I forgot - I have actually done some art work! Amazing...

Okay, although I have been focused on being the Treasurer of the Art League and starting a Part-time business as a bookkeeper, I have also been doing some art work.  I think I like these the most because they were done with little intention.  I just wanted to be with all the people I love, doing a fun thing- drawing people's faces!  My all time favorite!

I put these in order by date because I find it interesting- maybe you will?

These are available for purchase as copies for $10.00 each and 1.00 shipping plus tax (6.35%).  Just make sure to specify this page name as " I forgot" and name of picture, example- "Man 1".   The 50% of the proceeds will go toward the Art League of New Britain (non-profit) and the rest will go toward my continual work.

Name of Picture:

Page Title:

Boy 1

Man 1

Girl 1

Girl 2
Man 2
Lady 2
Lady 3
Lady 4
Woman 1
Man 3
Girl 3
Girl 4
The last time I have drawn is in May 2013.  That is sad!  I have to do this weekly... As you can see when I do, I get better quickly!  I like seeing that transition. 

Thanks for sharing this with me...

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