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Thursday, July 26, 2018

New Starts - Picking up the pieces after a hurricane

August 2017

From February to August 2017 kicked my living ass.  I might say that thankfully I was conscious through it all but I think I'd rather have been oblivious to the magnitude of what happened and what I chose to accept those seven months.  Sometimes you need to go through a lot of grief, heartache, and trauma to get the lesson is the life that are the hardest.  My question is why are these lessons so hard?

1.  You are worthy
2.  You are great just the way you are
3.  You no longer have to accept any less than loving, accepting, and respectful people into your life!
4.   You have gifts that everyone wants you to share and would be hurtful to the world if you did not!

I guess it does not matter why.  What matters is that we all pick ourselves up and continue on to the path that is us.  It's okay to say no to anything that is not truly going in the same direction as you.

I know you might ask: How do you know when something comes across your path that is not going in the same direction as you?

Ughh that is the hardest question but what I have gotten is that your gut & heart know.  If you can just feel what your body is saying and actually take the action in response to it, you will see that you already know what is right for you.

Here is some work I was doing from Feb 2017 - August 2017:

Please look at the August 2017 - February 2018 work done!

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