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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chet Series- Painting #1

This piece is on a 12" x 24" stretched canvas.

I have decided to creating distinct pieces of Chet.
It is the easiest way to start a series right now.
Chet is a constant model who I can consistently paint.

Chet will be posing again next weekend so I have some more time with this piece.
It got so thick and gook that I had to stop.

If I can finish this by 4/28/10, I will enter it into a show.
We only hope it is good enough to enter into any show.


Well, it is now 4/29/10, so the wish of finishing this by 4/28/10 is not going to happen!

I think I will be working on it more too at some point next week, because it needs to dry a bit before I touch it.

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